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Make a difference today!
There are two main ways to get involved. Raise any amount you can, or pick a project and help a whole team. 100% of funds raised by kids and teens in the U.S. will go directly to soccer gear for kids worldwide.

Team player: Raise any amount 

FFI buys soccer equipment locally around the world, where it is much less expensive than here. That means any amount you raise will help kids in a big way. As little as $50 can buy 10 soccer balls in some countries.
You raise the money and we'll tell you exactly where it went, and send you a picture of the happy kids you helped. Check out our Fundraising Ideas page, and email us at
to let us know you are ready to help out.

Team captain: Pick a project
Go to the Current Project page, and pick one to make your own. Commit to raising the funds needed, and work with us to find creative ways to reach that goal. This will connect you to faraway players in a way you will never forget. And don't forget, colleges are looking for students who have a strong record of community service.
Email us at and we’ll guide you.
Our Fundraising Ideas page is just a start.