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Fundraising is easy
There are lots of ways to raise money for FFI projects. Be sure to let your parents know, so they can help, too. 


Sell FFI braceletsThe easiest way to do fundraising is to sell FFI bracelets ($5 each) to friends and family. Selling 50 FFI bracelets will take care of an entire team in many cases. Email us at   and let us know how many you think you can sell. We’ll get the bracelets to you and stay in touch to see how it goes.

Hold a fundraiser—With the help of a parent or coach, organize a fundraiser of some kind. This could mean playing a mini-tournament with teams you know, or asking an existing tournament to add an FFI donation to the player fees, or holding almost any kind of event, from a bake sale to a battle of the bands. Contact us at   and we’ll help.

Be creative—Get your teammates involved, talk to your coach, or even make a presentation to league officials. For example, simply adding $10 to your league or player fees could take care of an entire project, connecting your whole team to one that needs help.